Some pictures I took with my friend Bonnie of her mantis


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my friend Tom came over with his epic macro camera of doom we took these photos of Mimusops (my south african named her after a flower she looks like). i took the one with the blue background and he took the one with the red background. there amazing, im all squee about it. plus you can see how fucking next level tech her legs are. she has her big prey catching claws then she has these feeler legs that she walks on. you can also see her baby wings that will grow to full size in the next month.

This is my most recent macro, taken with my newest setup.  This spider was smaller than the queens head on a 1p coin!  Be sure to check this out on Flickr for a higher quality version :)

The final video documenting the build of the Highball Climbing Centre.  This place is now open, and is incredibly awesome, so if you’re in the area make sure you check it out!  More information at

The second video documenting the build of the Highball Climbing Centre in Norwich.  Some nice timelapse in this one!  More information at

Here are some pictures I took at Soundflow Festival.

Here are come pictures I took for the RSPCA.  Taken at the Animal Well Fair in Norwich, 2012. Lots of pictures of dogs basically! :D

The first in a set of videos I will be making documenting the building of the Highball Climbing Centre in Norwich.  See for more information.


Robots of course

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